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How to Hire Development Agencies Guide

Any worthwhile development project has the potential for high reward but also a certain amount of risk. As the owner or executive responsible for acquiring technology it can be a scary and daunting prospect, especially if you’re doing this for the first time.

Hiring the wrong development agency can be an expensive mistake wasting time, effort and money.

Our crash course guide offers you a clear process for evaluating and hiring a development agency.

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I’d just like to say how much of a difference the online system has made to our business – we’d have been lost without it this year. As you know, Toni was out of action for several months, and I was stretched really thinly. I would not have managed to keep the business running if I’d been trying to do it using our old systems. The online system you developed streamlines things so much, I was able to keep on top of things without working myself into the ground. I just thought you should know, we wouldn’t be around now if it wasn’t for the work you guys did. Thank you.”

— Timothy Allen, BeVox