1. Guides

    The Three Amigos requirement discovery workshop

    Getting a shared understanding between stakeholders of why a change needs to happen and alignment on what a solution should look like.

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    Seeing the future with your roadmap

    Last time, we talked about product roadmaps, what they do and how they help you. We finished with an interesting analogy about apples. 

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    Why we split user stories

    Before we can start talking about why we split user stories, we probably need to discuss exactly what a user story is.

  4. Business Guides

    The Foxsoft Maintenance Process

    Our maintenance process is how we keep your application healthy and up-to-date.

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    Roadmapping Workshops

    Roadmapping workshops create alignment among stakeholders on the direction of their software.

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    The “triple threat” part three: Documentation

    We’re looking at what we at Foxsoft call the “triple threat” to mission-critical and other software and apps.

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    The “triple threat” part two: Technical Debt

    Remember our client with the mission-critical software which has failed. Here we’re looking at the second of these.

  8. Guides

    The “triple threat” part one: Maintenance

    “We’ve not made any changes, but it stopped working”.

  9. Guides

    Introducing the Product Roadmap

    What is a product roadmap and why do you need one? What does the product roadmap do and how do you create it?

  10. Guides

    Living Documentation

    What is Living Documentation? How do I make sure I handle documentation correctly?

  11. Guides

    What is Product Management?

    This series of posts about Product Management is designed to explain exactly what Product Management is and what the benefits are to the client and the developer.

  12. Engineering

    Benefits of Ruby on Rails

    There are a number of reasons why Ruby on Rails is one of the top 10 most in-demand web development frameworks in 2021 – find out more in this blog.