1. Business Guides

    The Foxsoft Maintenance Process

    Our maintenance process is how we keep your application healthy and up-to-date.

  2. Business

    The true cost of small changes

    We aim to provide a quick steer to the client as to whether it’s worth pursuing further or not.

  3. Business Engineering Guides

    How much should you pay to run a Ruby on Rails application?

    There are several factors involved in your decision. First, consider what you might need.

  4. Business

    Software support and maintenance is a form of insurance

    Nobody likes paying for insurance, but we do want the certainty and peace of mind that it provides. In the event of an incident, we’re glad that we’re covered and able to resume normality as quickly as possible.

  5. Business Guides

    Do you have a quality strategy for your software?

    “We build good quality software!” – says every software developer.

  6. Business Engineering

    Bug fixes aren’t free

    Anyone who tells you they write bug-free code is a liar—they just haven’t found them all yet.

  7. Business Engineering

    Your software developers should be delivering more than code

    It’s true that the source code is an essential element — without that, you’re sunk. However, there’s more to source code than the code itself.

  8. Business Engineering

    The business risk of not using version control for your custom software

    In this article, we discuss the reasons why your developers should be using version control to manage your bespoke software and the hidden costs you’re accruing if they don’t.

  9. Business Engineering

    Do you really need to rewrite your application?

    Are your developers telling you to rewrite your application, or are you considering a rewrite of your bespoke application? Read this first.