Work with us

You’ll be joining a passionate, committed and knowledgeable team. We are self-improvers and encourage curiosity and personal development. You’ll also play a crucial part in our vision for growth, steadily becoming known as the premier software development agency focused on long-term support and care of our clients.

Who we are

Foxsoft is a growing software development agency working with a diverse client base throughout the UK and beyond, developing, supporting and maintaining their Ruby on Rails-based web applications. We have a Support & Maintenance First attitude to ensure our clients’ businesses are serviced well by their bespoke applications for the long term. We aim to foster an ambitious, supportive and collaborative working environment. We also have several ’employee perks’ to help ensure working life at Foxsoft is a happy life. We value our staff and want to support their career ambitions.

Who you are

We built this company on the foundation of exceeding our client’s expectations. You are a person who strives to be effective and deliver, doing the right work at the right time in the right amount of time.

You recognise that you can continuously improve; you’re willing to be educated and educate others on the team to build a robust, skilled and effective working environment. Your core focus is on becoming 1% better every day.

While we’re serious about our work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Have fun, and enjoy the ride!

What it's like to work here

While we have a base in the West Midlands, we operate as a tightly-knit remote-first team. We work together effectively to achieve outstanding results for our clients without sacrificing individual health, wealth or well-being.

We are building a culture of continual learning and progression within our roles and disciplines. This applies to every person within the organisation. So no matter the level, you can continually improve yourself and build on your strengths.

Advancing your career at Foxsoft doesn’t mean giving up on your craft. In whatever area you work, you can become better at the work itself and level up that way. You can keep progressing in mastery as an IC (Individual Contributor). If your growth lies in leading others and helping them level up, we aim to provide both IC and Managerial career tracks.

Current Opportunities

Ruby on Rails Developers

We are currently recruiting for several positions on our team of Ruby on Rails Developers at various skill and experience levels. You will deliver quality working software for our clients, on time and within budget and provide long-term support and maintenance.

At the minimum, you will have an intermediate level of Ruby and Rails knowledge. We are looking to strengthen our team with additional knowledge in the following areas, so experience in any of these areas will be beneficial:

For our more advanced developer roles, you must demonstrate a deep knowledge of Rails and object-oriented expertise, and be capable of mentoring and directing a small team with a good understanding of SOLID and architectural design patterns.

Strong communication, time management and project and task prioritisation are in your DNA, and you’re willing to have a collaborative, hands-on approach to achieving the overarching goals of the team and company.

Salary broadly dependent on abilities, skills and experience levels

Developer I

Usually less than two years of experience using Ruby on Rails professionally.

£20,000 — £30,000

Developer II

Usually at least 2-5 years of experience using Ruby on Rails in a professional capacity. 

£30,000 — £45,000

Developer III

Usually at least 5-8 years of experience using Ruby on Rails in a professional capacity.

£45,000 — £60,000

Developer IV

Usually at least 8-12 years of experience using Ruby on Rails in a professional capacity.

£60,000 — £80,000


  • 25 days holiday plus public holidays
  • Your choice of hardware
  • A stipend toward a co-working space and allowances to make your working space at home productive and healthy
  • One of our most important Core Values is “become 1% better every day”, so we prioritise continual personal and professional development improvement. Everyone has an annual budget that can be spent on books, training, conferences, and so on to improve themselves.
  • We hold quarterly get-togethers to have fun together, celebrate our wins and have extended periods dedicated to learning and improvement.

How to Apply

As a remote and asynchronous team, clear written communication is critical both internally and when communicating with our clients. Please email with your CV to apply for any of these roles.

Introduce yourself as a colleague, concisely explaining why you want to work with us. Describe a working situation where you demonstrated one of our Core Values. Please include the word “bananas” in the subject line.

We believe in evidence-based hiring, so our process is as follows:

  1. Following your initial application, if you cannot show us an example of code you’re proud of writing, which exemplifies your skill, diligence and thinking process, we’ll set you a short technical assessment to evaluate your coding prowess
  2. You’ll then move forward to an initial conversation with our founder and principal, Andy Henson. At this stage, if we agree that you are likely to be a good fit and we’re meeting each other’s expectations, you’ll then move to a more in-depth interview with some of our team members.
  3. We may choose to do one further final interview before making an offer.

Foxsoft Ltd is an equal opportunities employer

We welcome applications from all suitably qualified people regardless of their race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age. We value the time investment applying for a role takes, so please do drop us a line if you have any questions or wish to discuss the role in more detail before applying.