What can you make with Ruby on Rails?

Perhaps the question should really be – what can’t you make with the Ruby programming language on the Rails web application framework? It’s been used to create over 380,000 websites since its launch in 2004 and is perfect for database-backed web applications.

You’ve probably already visited several sites built using Ruby on Rails – Airbnb, Shopify, WeTransfer, etc. – all of which have high volumes of daily traffic and demonstrate what can be achieved using this framework.

We’ve been working with Ruby and the Rails framework for over a decade and find it an exciting and dynamic tool.  It’s open-source software, with a dedicated community of more than 5000 developers helping to enhance and improve the code.  The Ruby on Rails doctrine – a guide to the design, philosophy and implementation of Ruby on Rails – explains how important progress is for (and within) the framework:

“We have to dare occasionally break and change how things are to evolve and grow. It is this evolution that’ll keep Rails fit for survival and prosperity in the decade(s?) to come.[1]” – David Heinemeier Hansson

From our perspective, Ruby on Rails is a platform that will remain relevant, functional and dynamic throughout the 2020s and beyond, making it a popular and effective framework for web development.

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